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Welcome to our guest book. Here you may leave feedback on recent events and give good wishes to the many soldiers currently serving our country.

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Buck 5/1/2005  -  1:00:44 PM   
Thank You for serving our country and keeping it safe. To all that are overseas come back home safe. And Fast. From me and my family we love each and everyone of you serving.

Tim 5/1/2005  -  1:00:02 PM   
Thank you for all you have given and done for your country. Semper Fi

Dot Bolkema 5/1/2005  -  10:27:29 AM   
I Thank God for the men and women brave enough to fight to keep us safe.
For the familys brave enought to let them do it.
Thank you and I pray for your recovery.

Steve Hughes 5/1/2005  -  6:29:09 AM   
God bless you on a safe and speedy return home

Edward Crevani 4/30/2005  -  7:58:05 PM   
May God Bless you all and may all our boys come home soon

Val Luppino 4/26/2005  -  9:09:58 AM   
You guys are doing a great thing!! God bless all of our marines and I pray and hope for their safe return. The world needs more people like you guys for without these organizations families would go unrecognized. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Holly, Jack & Ben 4/21/2005  -  11:56:54 AM   
Thanks to our armed forces for putting their lives on the line everyday. Brave souls like you make our country the great nation it is today!

Roy 4/20/2005  -  3:48:33 PM   
I am so proud of all our military, especially my cousin Staff Sgt. James Sturla. I pray they all come home safely.

Tori & Allie 4/19/2005  -  3:00:42 PM   
Please get well soon to all the injured marines. We can't wait to go to the Band concert!

Rachael Altieri 4/19/2005  -  2:59:17 PM   
I like your web-site and thank you for helping all the injured marines.

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