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Welcome to our guest book. Here you may leave feedback on recent events and give good wishes to the many soldiers currently serving our country.

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nikki whitesell 5/8/2005  -  6:04:45 PM   
Thank you everyone for protecting our country. I want to especially make a shout out to Jimmy Sturla, My mother and his are good friends and i knew him ever since i was a little kid....So i just wanted to thank him personally for being my Hero!!!!!

Amy 5/8/2005  -  2:19:11 PM   
God bless everybody over seas. To my cousin Jimmy- Best of wishes. your are always on my mind. i love you!!!

Gaynor Rodney 5/6/2005  -  11:19:42 PM   
Thank you for doing a great service to this country of ours.Sorry i am not there with you.To my good friend James Sturla, i wish you all the best.Some of the guys from Guam thati know wishes you well.

J. Messenger 5/6/2005  -  11:19:40 AM   
I pray for the safety of each and every soldier. You are a blessing to us. The ungrateful people and media should be ignored. Unfortunately because of the media they are the loudest but they do not speak for the majority. We love you, your strength, and your committment. Keep up the good work!!!

D. Ruanova 5/4/2005  -  3:12:27 PM   
God Bless our troops who put their necks on the line for our freedoms. Jimmy - I wish you the best in your future recovery. Thank you!

Pros Taduran 5/4/2005  -  2:25:44 PM   
You guys are the best. You risk your life or limb to protect our freedom and way of life. There are no words to describe the job that you guys are doing for us. God bless and you will always be in our prayers.

J. Nicholas 5/4/2005  -  2:23:43 PM   
I am so grateful to have the men and women over in these countries to protect our freedoms. I as well lost someone close to my parents family as well last year. I hope we do not continue to loose in the amounts we have in the past and we bring home as many solders as possible. Thank you again for all your children and families do for our families!

Doreen Rabassa 5/2/2005  -  4:43:15 PM   
God Bless and keep our boys for being over there and the "Family & Friends for Freedom Fund" for being here for them when they come home in need.
You can all take great pride in what you are doing, it's a wonderful idea.

JJ Martin 5/1/2005  -  9:53:13 PM   
Thank you for taking over where my father, a retired Marine, and I, a retired Airman, left off. We know your sacrifice and your dedication. Semper Fi

Traci & Paul Parisi 5/1/2005  -  6:33:04 PM   
Thanks so much for defending our freedom, and our great country.. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers, and we can't express how much your jobs are appreciated.. You and your families..

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