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Welcome to our guest book. Here you may leave feedback on recent events and give good wishes to the many soldiers currently serving our country.

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Casey Davis 7/1/2005  -  9:48:04 PM   
This is a great thing you did.

Uncle Jack&aJane 6/15/2005  -  11:58:22 AM   
Dear Jimmie and Allison You are both in our thoughts & prayers every day We are proud of you both and send our best love to you and yours.Your wonderful family keeps us informed all thee time of your progress You are all amazing !!!!
Uncle Jack and Aunt Jane

Mark Pranaitis 6/12/2005  -  8:04:42 PM   
It is thanks to Joe Morstatt that I found this website and have the opportunity to express my thanks for the generations of men and women who have served in our armed forces. I find it odd to report that no one in my family has ever died or been injured in a war. As a Catholic priest, I have met many families who have suffered greatly and stand in humble admiration of those who sacrifice so much for the rest of us. I promise my continued prayers for those in uniform, those who have been injured, those who have died and all their families.

Colleen McMahon Pompton Plains 6/11/2005  -  9:07:48 AM   
A simply Thank You just doesn't seem enough for all the servicemen & women who put their lives on the line every single day.

Jimmy Sturla will forever be in our prayers and Mrs. Chertoff's 3rd Grade Class from North Boulevard School- 2005 will never forget what you did for your country Jimmy. You are their HERO FOREVER!

The love and support from your family and your friends will continue to make you stronger every day.


Joe Morstatt 6/1/2005  -  7:11:21 PM   
Thank you Jimmy, and your family, for the personal sacrifices that you, and all our military personnel have endured in the quest for, and preservation of, freedom and liberty throughout the world. YOU and your family have truly gone "Above and Beyond the Call of Duty".

God Bless our Troops and their Families...

David McCool 5/28/2005  -  8:43:58 PM   
You guys ROCK!!!
No words can express our gratitude for your services. You are all our heroes!!!

Douglas Field 5/25/2005  -  3:05:39 PM   
Hoo Rah!!! USMC all the way. Thanks for your dedication and protection to all of us. God bless you all. Semper Fi

Kathy Zecchino 5/12/2005  -  1:06:30 PM   
I am interested in contributing to the injured Marines fund. Your bravery and strenght keeps our Country strong and for that we can never repay you.
Kathy Zecchino

Kathy Zecchino 5/12/2005  -  1:05:04 PM   
I am interested in contributing to the injured Marines fund.

Amy Rodney 5/9/2005  -  11:15:14 AM   
Thank you will never be enough for the military and their familys that have had to sacrifice their lives and time away from their loved ones.
God bless america and the military.

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