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Welcome to our guest book. Here you may leave feedback on recent events and give good wishes to the many soldiers currently serving our country.

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Chi.C.Lau 1/19/2006  -  10:56:47 PM   
I am glad I;ve find this wonderful organization,I want to take this special chance have some encouragement to all the Marine;s.You;re make me proud,even today I am not in the front line with all of you but my heart is always be there with each of you everyday and every night.Semper Fi.Marine's

John R. Cholewin 10/30/2005  -  10:49:35 PM   
Your organizations announcement in St. Mary's Parish Bulletin struck a cord that had to be researched. The work performed by this organization is outstanding and greatly appreciated by this Marine family from Wayne, NJ. My son, Capt. John R. "T-Rex" Cholewin, USMC is an A-6 Intruder pilot attached to VMAQ-1 DET A. He has been flying over Iraq since June. My family prays for all the servicemen deployed. Thank you for all your good deeds towards these men who sacrifice so much for so many.

The Skaflestads 10/27/2005  -  1:07:06 PM   
Thank you to all the troops for risking your lives for our safety! Jim, we love you and wish you the best in your recovery!

Michael 8/31/2005  -  12:27:50 PM   
I just wanted to say thank you!!

Rebecca Macey 8/8/2005  -  8:55:48 PM   
This is a wonderful organation! Being that I am a daughter of a navel reservist, I am so happy that someone has taked the time to show the men and women in uniform how much they mean to us. Thank you for all of the wonderful events that you are doing! Thank you again!

The Cohen Family 7/18/2005  -  2:26:23 PM   
We are tremendously grateful to all those who serve our country so that we may live in glorious freedom. We keep you in our prayers. Thank you!

It is our pleasure to support this wonderful cause and encourage others to do the same!

Scott, Mary(Morstatt), Paige, Abby & Madeleine Cohen -- Greensboro, NC

Jimmy Esposito 7/16/2005  -  4:18:41 PM   

Drew and Barb Sutton 7/7/2005  -  10:54:57 PM   
It's the guys and gals like you Jimmy, that keep AMERICA the GREAT country it has, and always will be!!
Our hearts go out to you and all of your family for the incredible sacrifices you have all made.
Wishing you the speediest recovery,
Drew, Barbara, Shannon and Corey Sutton

Don Juans Mexican and Sea Food 7/6/2005  -  12:06:44 PM   
We at Don Juan's Mexican and Sea food want to send our heart felt thanks to our troops. We as a restaurant (6 in all) and each indidual working at one of our stores, will not forget that it is because of sacrifices you have all made and sometimes at a cost of your very lives, that we have you to thank for the freedoms we now enjoy.........God Bless you all

Janell Pitcher 7/4/2005  -  5:56:01 PM   
My husband was injured just two days ago in Iraq. I literally have no idea what's going on yet or where he is going to end up. But I just wanted to thank your family for what you're doing for the injured soldiers. Our journey to recovery has no even started but but I can only imagine how hard is going to be. Its families like yours that help me get through each day. You give us hope... Thank you again and God Bless!!

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